Command Centres

Axis AX Command Centres are built on the backbone of our Axis intelligent fire panels to support a wide variety of configurations and applications.

Command Centres can be configured in the factory or, as all elements are individually approved, supplied in modular format for easy expansion and customisation.

All of our Command Centres are fully compatible with Axis AX audio and telephone options. Command centres can be configured for master control or peer-to-peer.

Master control mode allows only one command centre to manually operate audio and main system control functions. Advanced’s Riser 6 Audio Module can be mounted inside the command centre or remotely for added security.

Key Features

  • Synchronization of Audio and Strobes across entire 200 node network
  • Failsafe operation if loss of master Command Center
  • Supports multiple “true peer to peer” Command Center operations
  • Intuitive and Easy for Fire Fighters to operate
  • Audio confirmation LEDs indicate when speaker zones are active
  • All Call, Page Evacuate, Page Alert & Page Inactive and Selective Paging features
  • Manual activation of any message to any zone or group of zones
  • No performance degradation as the number of network nodes expands
  • Fan and Smoke Controls
  • Mass Notification and non fire “Warning” Options
  • Built-in Telephone Switchboard
  • Dynamix Wizard Tool provides default telephone and audio options making set-up easy and fast
  • Powerful Control-by-Event programming with intelligent system test facilities provides superior system diagnostic and test functions
  • Built-in network, AC power, Aux power, battery and field wiring diagnostics
  • Color Coded Slide in Labels with large text to identify system functions
  • Fire Warden Page
  • PAS, 2-Stage and Alarm Verification
  • Zone and Point Disable/Enable
  • 1000 System Zones

Command Centres

Bespoke Design & Manufacture


Our AdSpecials department works with customers to design and manufacture unique panels and control interfaces for our fire systems.

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