Axis AX Logo2 Loop Panel

The Axis range of fire detection and control equipment is based around two multicircuit analogue addressable control panels. The Two Signalling Line Circuit Fire Alarm Control Panel  has 2 SLC loops with 126 devices per circuit, 2 on board 2Amp notification appliance circuits and a 5Amp supply as standard.

  • 2 SLC loops - Class A (style 6,7) or Class B (style 4)
  • 252 Intelligent addressable points
  • 2 x 2 Amp Class A (style Z) or Class B (style Y) Programmable NAC circuits
  • 3 x on board relays. 1 Trouble, 2 programmable
  • System keys for Reset, ACK, Silence, Resound & Drill
  • LED status indicator
  • 5 to 10 Amp system power
  • Dedicated system and navigation keys for simple user control
  • User friendly Windows based Pc-Net configuration software includes virtual panel for remote diagnostics functionality via a low cost modem connection.
  • Powerful cause-and-effect event programming coupled with the flexible dynamic zoning makes the panel suitable for wide range of site applications including the most complex multi area systems.
  • Programmable variable sensitivity (day/night) modes with multiple 7-day timers.