Axis AX LogoRemote Annunciators

The Ax series Remote Annunciators are based around two core products.

The Axis AX annunciator only and the Axis Ax with annunciation and programmable full function control.

Both units are based around the latest flash based technology and share a common graphical LCD user interface with the Ax-series fire alarm control panels.

  • Style 4 or Style 7 network interface
  • C version has annunciation and programmable control
  • D version annunciation only
  • On board USB connection
  • Peer to peer, cross node operation
  • Monitored external Trouble input
  • Info displayed fully configurable to any combination of fires, troubles, supervisory or other alarms
  • LED status indicators
  • Optional tamper proof and weather proof enclosures

Redundant Controller

  • Panel interface PCB
  • Full DUAL redundancy control and indication
  • Automatic hot standby
  • All monitored field wiring circuits can be switched
  • Manual control operation
  • Status LED indictors
  • Panels can be located in standard enclosures or 19” rack mount enclosure