Axis EN100% Redundant Controller

The Axis redundant interface PCB provides a solution for full DUAL redundant installations with automatic changeover of all field-wiring circuits to a redundant fire alarm control and indication panel.

The redundant fire alarm panel operates in hot standby mode and is ready to take over full and automatic control whenever a system trouble is detected within the main panel.

LED indicators provide information on the operational status of the redundant control.

The dual redundancy controller card is a peripheral device that is connected to the peripheral communications circuit (P-BUS) of two fire alarm control panels (main and standby FACP).

The dual redundancy controller card has provision to automatically switch the entire field wiring connections between the main and standby fire alarm control panels to which it is connected.

Redundancy Operation

If the main controller detects a system Fault/Trouble due to program or configuration data memory failure, power supply fault or SLC/Loop circuit driver internal fault, the fault condition will be indicated by the panel display and the dual redundancy controller card will automatically changeover the field wiring circuits to the standby FACP (unless this is also in a fault condition or the main FACP is in the fire alarm condition).

Key Features

  • Full DUAL redundancy control and Indication
  • All monitored field-wiring circuits redundant
  • Manual control operation
  • Status LED indicators
  • Automatic hot standby
  • Simple to install
Dimensions (PCB) H x W x D9.9" (251mm) x 3.9" (99mm)
Weight8.6 ounce (245g)
Operating Temperature32F (0ºC) to 120F (49ºC)
Relative Humidity0-95% non-condensing
Operating voltage18-28V DC (powered from the AUX DC output of the standby panel)
Operating Current20mA quiescent, 220mA standby active
Terminals12-22 AWG
Relay Contacts24V DC, 2.0A resistive

Order Codes and Options

Ax-DRCM: Dual Redundancy Controller Module


Compatible with all panels in the Axis AX range.