Axis ENDual Priority Switch Monitor Module

Intelligent Dual Monitor Module is an addressable module for use with the Axis Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel SLC Loops. Each module incorporates two (2) independent, individually programmable, initiating device circuits (IDC), providing cost-effective solutions in areas requiring multiple addresses.

The IDC circuits are each capable of monitoring a single contact device or a group of devices. Contacts can be normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) ranging from heat detectors, linear heat detectors, 4-wire conventional smoke detectors, waterflow switches, tamper switches, manual pull stations, switch input points for control, or any other supervised input requirement. Each initiating device circuit is separately addressed and can be wired Class “A” (Style D) or Class “B” (Style B). A typical application for the Dual Monitoring Module would be the individual monitoring of waterflow and tamper switches located at a sprinkler system riser.

Incorporated with each individual IDC circuit is a built-in priority interrupt feature which allows rapid response capabilities from highly critical contact devices. Two eight position programming DIP switches are provided on each Dual Monitor Module for IDC circuit addressing and wiring classification definition. The mounts to the front of a standard 4” square or 2” electrical outlet box. Displayed on the front of each mount are two red status LEDs that independently illuminate steady during active condition of the associated IDC circuit.

Key Features

  • 2x Supervised Initiating Circuit (IDC)
  • 4” Square or 2” Electrical Outlet Box
  • Flexible Programmablity
  • Duarable Construction
  • Cost-Effective & Trouble-Free Installation
AX Series SLC Loop Voltage17-28 VDC
Surge Current2.5 mA
Alarm Current5.0 mA (LED On) (Max.)
Per IDC Input (Initiating Device Circuit) Voltage5-9 VDC
Supervisory Current0.85 mA (Max.)
Line Impedance100 Ω
Wiring ClassificationClass A (Style D) or Class B (StyleB)
End-of-Line Resistor47 KΩ, 0.5 Watt (Class “B” only)
WiringScrew In-Out Terminals
Mounting4” Square or 2” Electrical Outlet Box
Dimensions H x W x D inches4 1/2” x 4 1/2”x 1”
Weight oz2.8
Operating Temperature32°F -120° F (0°C - 49°C)
Humidity10-93% (non-condensing)
Approvals / CertificationUL Listed (UL864)

Order Codes and Options

55000-790AEL: Dual Priority Switch Monitor Module