Axis EN Enclosures and MetalworkEnclosures and Metalwork

Metal fabrication provides Industrial electronic enclosures housing all our intelligent fire alarm and indicating equipment.

The Axis EN control equipment can be supplied in various sized enclosures to accommodate the internal hardware and battery requirements of the control equipment.

There are three standard variations to choose from that can be provided in various depths to meet the customers requirements.

Axis EN Enclosure Order Codes and Options

Order CodeDescription
MXM-504 Mx5000 Medium Termination Enclosure
MXM-505 Mx5000 Large Termination Enclosure
MXM-506 Mx5000 Large-Deep Termination Enclosure
MXM-516 Mx5000 Medium Battery (18Ahr)/Utility Enclosure
MXM-517 Mx5000 Large Battery (18Ahr)/Utility Enclosure
MXM-518 Mx5000 Deep Battery (45Ahr)/Utility Enclosure
MXM-519 Chassis mounting plate for utility Enclosure (3 Cards)


Ideal for any application where enclosures are required for first fix installations or matching enclosures required for housing third party equipment.

Axis EN Semi-Flush Bezels

Advanced bezels are colour matched with all our fire alarm control panels using RAL7035.

All bezels are provided complete with fitting kit for a quick and easy solution for semirecessing the Axis EN series control panels.

Order CodeDescription
MXM-501 Semi-Flushing Bezel - Mx-5000 Small Enclosure
MXM-502 Semi-Flushing Bezel - Mx-5000 medium Enclosure
MXM-503 Semi-Flushing Bezel - Mx-5000 large Enclosure
MXM-509 Semi-Flushing Bezel - Mx-5030
MXM-521 Semi-Flushing Bezel - Mx-5010/20

Axis EN Perspex Lexan Door

The Axis EN 507 and 508 are dedicated perspex doors to help protect the fire panel controls from any unauthorised access.

The lexan/perspex doors are available for medium and large enclosures and restrict panel access to key holders.

Order CodeDescription
Mxp-507 Glazed Door Kit - Large Enclosure
Mxp-507Z Glazed Door Kit - (Double Aperture) Large Enclosure
Mxp-508 Glazed Door Kit - Medium Enclosure
Mxm-508Z Glazed Door Kit - (Double Aperture) Medium Enclosure

Applications / Limitations

Single loop controls panels will need to be housed in medium enclosures to accommodate lexan doors. This item is provided retro-fit only.

Bespoke Design & Manufacture


Our AdSpecials department works with customers to design and manufacture unique panels and control interfaces for our fire systems.

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