Axis EN50 Way Network I/O

The 50 Way Network I/O provides a convenient and cost effective solution where multiple inputs and outputs are required. It is ideally suited for building control functions such as damper/fan control or sprinkler control where on/off/auto control and healthy/fault or open/closed status indication is required.

The inputs can be configured as toggle (switch) or momentary (push-button) types. The outputs are fully programmable using the powerful dynamic cause and effects rules for output groups 1-50.

In addition to the 50 I/O circuits, dedicated inputs and outputs are also provided. Status outputs include General Fire, Fault, Disablement and Test. A buzzer is also provided for audible annunciation of status changes. Inputs include buzzer mute, momentary input enable / reset and LED test.

The 50-Way Network I/O controller is a stand-alone unit with/without its own EN54-4 power supply and charger. Each input and output on the card is fully programmable using a PC.

An additional 100 LED outputs can be provided using the 100-way driver card – output groups 101-200.

Key Features

  • Over 50 programmable volt free switch/push button type inputs, easily configured via our PC-NET-003 configuration software.
  • Over 50 programmable LED driver outputs for energising and providing LED indication.
  • Large full colour graphical indication for site maps, building layouts or simply zonal indication.
  • Remote location by simply adding the type of mimic interface onto the Ad-net/Ad-net+ Network.
  • Supplementary graphical indication
  • Zonal or fully programmable LED option
  • Fully networkable
  • 3 year warranty as standard
AC Supply (Boxed Versions)220-240V AC (+10-15%) 50-60Hz 1.6A. Support for up to 2 x 12V 7Ah batteries
DC Supply (PCB) @ 24V DC18-28V DC 63mA (/FT 101mA) + 0.8mA per LED energised + 1.3mA per switch energised
Output Drive Circuit (56)3.3V 4mA current limited (for direct LED connection)
Input Circuit (58)Volt free, dry-contact inputs

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-045*(/FT): 50-Way Network I/O Controller (unboxed)
Mxs-031-2T: 2 position trapped key switch for Mxp-045
Mxs-031-2U: 2 Position un-trapped key switch for Mxp-045
Mxs-031-3U: 3 Position un-trapped key switch for Mxp-045
Mxs-026(F): High intensity LED (Red/Green/Yellow - Fitted)
Mxp-052(DIN): Mimic driven 10-way relay card
/FT: Denotes fault tolerant version


The 50 Way Network I/O is compatible with all Axis EN control panels from software revision 019-04 using the Ad-Net peer-to-peer network. The 50 Way Network I/O is programmable using the Pc-NeT-03 Mx configuration tool from revision 4.19 onwards.