Axis ENKey Switch Control

The Axis EN control panel range supports direct installation of up to 8 individual keyswitches.


The Axis EN 1 loop panel permits 1 key-switch to be fitted, but the Axis EN 2 & 4 loop panels control panels allow a maximum of 8.

Key Features

  • Enable/disable controls
  • Group isolate to disable I/O across network
  • For use to start/enable a class change
  • Trapped and un-trapped key switches available
  • Control of multi-sensor/device sensitivity mode change
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Trapped and Un-trapped key switches

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-511(F): Access Enable Key Switch
Mxp-515(F): 3-position Key Switch - Trapped (requires 2 inputs)
Mxp-516(F): 2 Position Key Switch Assembly - Trapped
Mxp-517(F): 2 Position Key Switch Assembly - Un-Trapped
Mxp-518(F): Access enable key switch for Mx-5010/5020/5030
Mxp-519(F): 2 Position key switch - Momentary contact
Mxs-511: Spare access enable Key Switch (Lorlin style)
Mxs-516: Spare 2 position Key Switch - Trapped (Lorlin style)
Mxs-517: Spare 2 position Key Switch - Un-Trapped (Lorlin style)


Can be used with all Axis EN series control panels.


If an on-board printer is fitted to the Axis EN 2 & 4 loop control panels then the maximum number of switches fitted is limited to 4. If the 3 position switch is fitted, then two programmable inputs must be available per switch.