Axis En LogoSingle Input and Single Relay Output Module

The Axis single input and relay output modules are loop powered and designed around a fully digital protocol. Each module allows monitoring of fire alarm and auxiliary devices and provides form C changeover contacts for control of auxiliary devices such as fire shutters.

The input channel is monitored and will detect Normal / Short / Alarm and Open conditions. The output channel is a normally de-energised relay switched on by a command from the control panel.

The unit provides fast alarm and fault signalling, and incorporates a bidirectional short circuit isolator.

Connections are made using plug-in terminal blocks which will accept conductors up to 2.5mm².

The unit can be mounted within an electrical box or enclosure.

Key Features

  • Short circuit isolators in each device to the requirements of EN54-17
  • Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop
  • Auto addressing capability (by the control panel) or manually using a hand held programmer.
  • Digital checking of double address
  • Line quality information
  • Bicolour (red green) LED driven by the control panel
Power Supply15-40 V
Average Current ConsumptionI=120 uA
LED Current ConsumptionIled=6mA @24Vdc
Operating Temperature Range-30°C / +70°C
Humidity (non condensing)95% RH
Nominal Relay Switching currentI=2A V=30Vdc
End-of-line resistor(Reol): 27Kohm
Alarm resistor(Rw): 10Kohm
Dimensions H x W x D mm52 x 75 x 28 w/o brackets
Weight grams180
IP Rating21C

Order Codes and Options

20-VMMIC120-ADV: Mini Single Input and Single Relay Output Module