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The Axis Wireless Beacon is a programmable output device which can be operated by the control panel in the event of fire, alarm or fault conditions from selected devices.

The activation command is sent from the control panel to the beacon through the AV wireless translator module.

The beacons flash rate and light intensity can be selected by a DIP switch.

Bi-directional communications with the wireless translator is based on a proven protocol and wireless technology and is fast, reliable and provides the highest level of security.

The wireless communications operates on the European recommended frequency if 868MHz and conforms to the European standard EN54-25.

Operating frequency range868.15 MHz - 869.85 MHz
Max radiated power5 dBm (3 mW)
Radio signal’s modulation typeFSK
Operating frequency channels7
Communication range200 m (in open space)
Main batteryCR123A (3 V & 1.2 Ah)
Secondary batteryCR123A (3 V & 1.2 Ah)
Min alarm current consumption range @ 24 V3 mA (0.5 Cd and 1 Hz beacon’s selected settings)
Max alarm current consumption range @ 24 V6 mA (1 Cd and 0.5 Hz beacon’s selected settings)
Light output intensity range (user selectable)0.5 / 1 Cd
Flash rate range (user selectable) 0.5 / 1 Hz0.5 / 1 Hz
Main battery lifespan** 5 years ***
Secondary battery lifespan** 2 months ***
Operating temperature range-10ºC - +55ºC
Tolerated humidity range (no condensing)5% RH TO 95% RH
Dimensions H x W mm93 x 53
Weight grams110 w/o batteries
IP Rating21C

Order Codes and Options

20-SGBE100-ADV: Wireless Beacon


* Ideal operating range: may vary considerably according to environmental conditions.
** When a low battery condition is indicated, both main and secondary batteries must be changed together.
*** These lifespan values refer to the device being programmed with a control signals transmission period of 12 seconds (under the assumption that the Axis Wireless Beacon is not activated). If the Axis Wireless Beacon is activated 30 seconds a week for test, the primary battery’s lifespan reduces to 4 years (with maximum selected flash rate, i.e. 0.5 Hz and light intensity, i.e. 1 Cd).