LifeLine 3 in 1 Fire Paging & Deaf Alert3 in 1 Fire Paging & Deaf Alert

LifeLine Engineer Paging. Staff Paging. Deaf Alert.

Lifeline is designed to quickly and effectively meet fire system radio paging requirements. Like all Advanced panels it’s designed to offer more, and be easy to install and operate.

LifeLine can work with any standalone conventional or addressable panel, across a large addressable network.  It is quickly integrated via an ESPA card (for detailed fire paging) or a simple relay connection (for hearing impaired alerts).

LifeLine runs a variable power, 2W transmitter, optimising power usage and delivering precise coverage, even across complicated buildings and sites.

Whatever paging solution you access from your Lifeline panel - and you can run all three at once - set up is simple and quick and we also offer an easy-to-use radio survey kit.