Axis AX LogoCommander 2 Series Low Frequency Evacuation Signals

The Commander 2 Series is a low profile horn that offers dependable audible alarms and the lowest current available.

The Commander 2 Series horn offers a continuous or synchable temporal three in 2400Hz and mechanical tone, a chime as well as a whoop tone. All tones are easy for the professional to change in the field by using switches.

The Commander 2 Series is supplied with the standard 4" mounting plate which incorporates the popular Super-Slide feature that allows the installer to easily test for supervision. The product also features a locking mechanism which secures the product to the bracket without any screws showing.

The Commander 2 Series also features the Checkmate™ - Instant Voltage Verification feature which allows the installer to check the voltage without removing the signal.

The Commander 2 Series appliances are UL 464 and UL 1971, listed for use with fire protective systems and are warranted for three years from date of purchase.

Key Features

  • Prewire Entire System, then Install your signals
  • Super-Slide™ Bracket - Ease of Supervision Testing
  • Checkmate™ - Instant Voltage Verification
  • Lower Installation and Operating Costs
  • Switch Selection for High or Low dBA
  • Switch for Chime, Whoop, Mechanical and 2400Hz Tone
  • Switch for Continuous or Temporal 3 (not available on whoop tone)
  • Tamper proof Re-entrant Grill
  • Surface Mountable
Nominal Voltage24 VDC
Operating Temperature32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Dimensions H x W x D inches5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
Input Terminals12 to 18 AWG
Wide Voltage Range16-33 VDC or FWR
ApprovalsUL 464, 1971, 1638

Order Codes and Options

28-GEH-24WR: 24VDC Low profile Evacuation Horn Red
28-GEH-24WW: 24VDC Low profile Evacuation Horn White