Luxottica Group

Milan, Italy

An intelligent fire system from global leader Advanced is protecting the headquarters of Luxottica, the world’s market-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of fashion, luxury, sports and performance eyewear.

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
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South Island School

Hong Kong, PRC

Opened in 1977 in a small annex of another school, the South Island School now has 165 students and 6 teachers. In 2007 the school celebrated its 30th Anniversary and opened a new section for senior students. 

  • Education

ROC Nijmegen

Nijmegen, Netherlands

A sophisticated integrated fire protection system, based on Advanced intelligent fire panels, has been deployed in a new college in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

ROC Nijmegen is a Regional Teaching Centre offering 12,000 young and mature students courses in secondary vocational education and adult education classes. The education complex has over 1,100 staff and is housed in 9 buildings interconnected by a glass-roofed atrium. In addition to the teaching areas, the college includes a day care centre, food and retail outlets, administration offices and a job centre – creating a complex fire protection environment.

  • Education
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St Joseph's School


Founded in 1884 as one of Lebanon's most prestigeious and highly ranked private schools St Joseph's is a trilingual (English, Arabic, French) speaking Catholic school educating children from nursery through to secondary stages.

It aims to develop the students' personalities in a holistic and harmonious way, allowing them to nurture their potentials for self-realisation in an atmosphere of trust and self-confidence. 


  • Education

Trinity Episcopal Church

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

The 300 year old, Trinity Episcopal Church in Newport, Rhode Island has installed Advanced's Axis AX fire panel as part of their essential fire system upgrade.

  • Landmark
  • Historic
  • Cultural
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Natural History Museum

London, UK

The world-famous Natural History Museum in London, and its more than five million annual visitors are being protected by intelligent fire panels from Advanced.

  • Cultural
  • Science & Technology
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Hilton Hotels

Nationwide, UK

Founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton in Cisco Texas, the first branded Hilton Hotel was built in 1925. Now with over 92 years’ experience there are 540 Hilton Hotels in 78 countries on six continents throughout the world. In 2005, the UK-owned Hilton International was bought by the US-based Hilton Hotel Corporation, uniting the brand under a single owner for the first time since 1964.

  • Leisure & Hospitality

The Legislative Assembly

Macau, PRC

The Legislative Assembly or AL  is the organ of the legislative branch of Macau. It is a 29-member body comprising 12 directly elected members, 10 indirectly elected members representing functional constituencies and 7 members appointed by the chief executive. It is also known in English as the Legislative Council of Macao, according to the official translation of the territory's basic law

  • Cultural
  • Government

Innova Tower

Venlo, Netherlands

Built as a symbol of innovation, the 7,000 square metre, 11 storey Innova Tower is located in the Dutch city of Venlo.

The building comprises of a mix of commercai and events space. 

  • Commercial
  • Landmark