Grantham Hospital

Chong Fat

Hong Kong, PRC

Opened in 1957 and formerly operated by the Hong Kong Hong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association, the Hospital is a major tertiary referral centre specialising in comprehensive medical treatment for adult heart and lung diseases. 

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Tuen Mun Hospital


Hong Kong, PRC

Tuen Mun Hospital is a public hospital situated in northern Tuen Mun in Hong Kong. Construction began on it in 1979 and it was fully completed in 1990.  The department of radiology was opened on the 8th March 1990 and employs 120 staff, providing all types of radiology treatment including computed tomography and fluoroscopy.

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Dom Seniora Care Home

Krzeszow, Poland

One of Poland’s premier nursing and care establishments, Dom Seniora Willmanowa Pokusa in  Krzeszow, is now being protected with an industry-leading Axis EN fire system from Advanced including AlarmCalm false alarm management.

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Evangelismos Hospital

Athens, Greece

The Evangelismos Hospital in Athens was established in 1872 as a training institution for nurses. It is now the largest general hospital in Greece with 1,100 beds.

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Iasis Private Hospital

Paphos, Cyprus

Located in Cyprus, the hospital provides many treatments to the surrounding area of Paphos, including Cancer Therapy, Neurology and Ophthalmology. It also specializes in other treatments including Endoscopic Banding, Ligament Reconstruction and Bone Spur Treatment.  

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Addenbrooke's Hospital

Cambridge, UK

Based in Cambridge Addenbrooke’s is a world-renowned teaching hospital that has strong links with the University of Cambridge.  Founded in 1766 on Trumpington Street with £4,500 from the will of Dr John Addenbrooke, the hospital moved to its current site in 1976. Today the hospital has 1,180 beds and 7,000 members of staff, catering for around 600,000 patients each year.

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Formed following the merger of Glaxo Wellcome plc and SmithKline Beecham plc in 2000, GlaxoSmithKline is a British multinational pharmaceutical, biologic, vaccine and consumer health company headquartered in Brentford, London.

GSK portfolio of products ranges from medicines for major diseases such as cancer and mental health, to over-the-counter products that include Lucozade, Boost and Ribena.


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Stepping Hill Hospital

Derbyshire, UK

Stepping Hill Hospital is the main hospital of the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, treating around half a million patients every year. Originally opening in 1905 on the site of a former workhouse, today the hospital employs 3,600 staff, offering acute care for children and adults from Stockport and the High Peak area of Derbyshire.

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St James's Hospital


St James's Hospital in Dublin delivers health treatment, care and diagnosis as well as health promotion and preventative services.  It is also a teaching hospital and partner to Trinity College, University of Dublin.

There has been a hospital on the site since 1727 and famous people who have served on the board of governors include Jonathan Swift and the original Arthur Guinness.  The current hospital opened in stages over the 1990s and amalgamated many of the services offered by older hospitals in the city.

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