ROC Nijmegen

The system was designed and installed by Advanced’s local partner Hertek in partnership with electrical Contractor, Kropman Installatietechniek. Two MxPro 4 four-loop panels are connected to over 500 Apollo XP95 and Discovery devices, a repeater panel and three bespoke Advanced mimic panels, which provide a full graphical floor plan, LED indication and key-switch control. The fire, repeater and mimic panels are connected together using Advanced’s Ad-NeT+ fault tolerant network.

“ Many different systems have to be controlled and activated in the event of a fire,” remarked Peter de Jonge, Electrical Engineering Manager at Kropman Installatietechniek. “The flexibility of the ‘cause and effect’ programming and powerful input/output capability of the Advanced fire panels was therefore fundamental to the overall system design.”

In the event of a fire the MxPro 4 4-loop panels control a myriad of systems and provide phased evacuation, with the complex being split into two evacuation zones - the day care centre and the rest of the college. The lifts are sent to pre-selected floors, ventilation shutters are opened for smoke control, sprinklers are activated following a ‘double knock’, the access control system automatically opens all doors and barriers and an alarm is sent to the Fire Brigade.

Advanced’s fault tolerant network Ad-NeT+, is capable of withstanding a single fault between nodes without loss of communications to any single panel. Up to 200 panels (nodes) can be connected on the network with a total loop length of 20km, using standard two-core fire resistant cable. ROC Nijmegen network allows the status of all 500+ devices to be interrogated on any of the fire panels, repeater or mimics.

Nimigen College 'FULL COLOUR MIMIC' Panel